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Linda Meredith at Canford Cliffs offers a luxury beauty cabin experience, ideal for clients on the go as a lunchtime treat or a pre evening engagement. Our range of luxury Beauty Treatments performed within comfortable and tranquil surroundings by our friendly, highly trained and professional therapists will leave you feeling completely pampered and totally relaxed. For more information or to make an appointment visit the official Dune website or call 01202706661.




The LM Signature Facial is a treatment designed to meet the specific requirements of each individual clients skin by hydrating the skin through combining the essential active ingredients, micro nutrients and encapsulated vitamins of several key products within the range.

The Signature Facial: £90 - *75mins
The Signature Active*: £60 - 45mins


The Linda Meredith V-Tox was developed as a safer, natural alternative to Botox. With the demand of Botox alternatives being ever present, especially with expecting mothers, the introduction of V-Tox to Oxygen therapy is literally ‘filling that gaps’ for women that no longer want the negative implications of the botulinum poison. V-Tox is a unique botanical cream designed to relax the skin and de-stress lines and wrinkles, combining V-Tox with Oxygen Serum achieves the optimum results possible with LM Oxygen Therapy.

LM V-Tox 02: £110 - *75mins
LM V-Tox 02 Active**: £65 - 35mins


Oxygen is nature’s most powerful healing element and by infusing it into the skin, healthy cell regeneration will increase and fine lines and wrinkles will reduce. The benefits of Oxygen Therapy, irrespective of age or skin issue are immediately apparent even from the very first application. As the vitamin enriched and highly absorbent LM Serum is pushed deep into the skin, hydration levels increase and the stimulation of the skins natural renewal process begins, instantly revealing the effects of the treatment. If an active treatment is selected a course of 6 is recommended.

Linda Meredith 02 Facial: £100 - *75mins
Linda Meredith 02 Active**: £65 - 30mins


Collagen is the most important substance our body produces to support the structure of our skin. As the production slows down in our mid twenties the ageing process begins. This treatment involves a fine sheet of natural freeze dried collagen that is reactivated when moistened and molded to the contours of the face. Once activated, the collagen molecules diffuse redness, tighten pores and reveal a brighter, more radiant skin.

Collagen Facial: £100 - *75mins
Collagen Facial Active**: £60 - 35mins


The LM Signature Facial:
The LM Signature Active**:
Linda Meredith 02 Facial:
Linda Meredith 02 Active**:
LM V-Tox 02:
LM V-Tox 02 Active**:
Collagen Facial:
Collagen Facial Active**:
LM Signature Massage:
Full Body Massage:
90mins Full Body Massage:
Back, Neck & Shoulder:
Scalp, Neck & Shoulder:
Hot Stone Massage:
Thai Inspired Foot Massage:
Lycon Wax Treatments:
Eye Brow & Lash Tinting:
Shellac & Manicure:

£90 - *75mins
£60 - 35mins
£100 - *75mins
£65 - 35mins
£110 - *75mins
£65 - 35mins
£100 - *75mins
£60 - 35mins
£100 - 90mins
£50 - 60mins
£75 - 90mins
£30 - 30mins
£47 - 45mins
£60 - 75mins
£40 - 45mins
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*Time may include where relevant initial consultation and post treatment relaxation period, please allow 75 minutes of time for your treatment and if possible additional time may be added for your relaxation within the treatment room.

**‘Active’ facials compress all of the benefits of the LM Signature Facials for those slightly more bound by time restrictions and daily commitments.

Recommended courses of 6 treatments and gift vouchers are all available upon request.


The Linda Meredith skincare range is comprised of 26 products covering retail and professional use, each containing ingredients to target specific problems that affect all of us at some point in time. As lifestyles have changed over the past 50 years, our skin has shown an increase in issues we need to deal with. Keeping our range compact but increasing the level of principal ingredients gives each product a unique advantage.

Active ingredients can be found in many products, yet if the percentages of those actives used are fractional, there is almost no use in them being there. As the consumer has no insight into the levels used, the only proof can be found with the results that are achieved. As a brand our guarantee to our clients is that the highest possible percentages of these actives are used and that the results will speak for themselves. In addition, the elimination of unnecessary chemicals, additives and parabens, has Linda Meredith skincare firmly at the forefront of innovation in the 21st century.

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