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A cleanser, that works both topically and beneath the surface layers to break down trapped sebum and other impurities.

Gentle enough that the skin is not feeling tight and dry.

Perfect for a morning cleanse. Follow with Eye Gel, Hydrating Mist, LM2, Q3 or your preferred products.


Gel Cleanser 120ml & Hydrating Mist 130ml

Water-soluble cleansers no longer require a toner to restore the skins PH balance. However, after cleansing what the skin does need, is a combination of ingredients to restore any moisture loss and to repair and protect the surface layers. LM Hydrating Mist contains a combination of essential oils, aloe vera and plant extracts but more importantly, active levels of hyaluronic acid (HA). HA instantly increases the moisture levels in the skin as it binds to huge amounts of water, thousands of times its own weight, making LM Hydrating Mist one of the keys to youthful skin. Perfect anytime, particularly when flying on holiday or in the office, when skin starts to feel tight or de-hydrated.

Gel Cleanser 120ml & Cream Cleanser 120ml

Double cleansing in the evening is recommended as an essential part of the LM skin care routine. Cream cleanser contains natural fruit oils to relax and soften the skin, perfect for removing topical products such as SPF, make-up and surface pollution. However, beneath the surface there may be a build up of sebum and toxins, preventing the penetration of essential nutrients to feed and support healthy skin. While LM Gel Cleanser will remove surface dirt, it also contains a low percentage of salicylic acid to work beneath the surface layers to break down trapped sebum and toxins, allowing the skin to breath and work at its optimum level. First apply LM Cream Cleanser followed by LM Gel Cleanser.


A cleanser suitable for all skin-types.

Gel Cleanser is recommended for those who prefer a foamy, lathered cleanse with plenty of warm water. Ingredients such as Allantoin, Aloe Vera & Lavender Oil will purify, soothe & refresh the skin whilst Salicylic Acid; with its anti-septic properties, will dissolve any remaining traces of dirt and dead skin cells. Suitable for morning or evening use and suitable for all skin types.

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