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Perfect for daily use, as it leaves no sticky residue.

The cooling sensation of Aloe Vera and crushed melon make it perfect after a day on the beach.

Allantion will soothe the skin after too much sun exposure.


A unique textured lotion.

Linda Meredith Hydrating Body Cream is a unique textured lotion, which protects the skin against moisture loss by sealing the surface layer.

There are many environmental factors today that play a huge part in the de-hydration of our skin. Precious moisture loss can lead to premature ageing of our skin so it is vitally important to maintain those moisture levels. This non-oily lotion retains suppleness and elasticity to the skin. Contains Aloe Vera for extra hydration and a natural essence of pure crushed melon. Hydarating Body Cream is best applied both morning and night and can be used on both the face and the body for improved hydration.

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